Who can apply under Deen Dayal Plot Policy?

Developers can apply for a license to develop such plotted developments, provided they meet the specific criteria laid by the government of minimum land size, FAR availability in a particular sector, the connectivity and many more such criteria laid down by the government, more information on this subject can be acquired from the Government Deen Dayal Website. However, for this article the focus is on the consumers and how to buy Deen Dayal Plots under the Affordable Plotted Housing Policy in Haryana. As for consumers to buy Deen Dayal Plot under this Policy, please read the full article.

Developers at various levels in key cities of Haryana have applied for licenses under the Deen Dayal Plots Policy across Haryana. The Haryana Town & Country Planning is working on scrutinizing the various applications received for the purpose of grant of such licenses to develop properties under the Affordable Plotted Housing Policy in Haryana and to make such plots available to general public by the developer. Consumers can buy Deen Dayal Plot after the developer has met with compliances of acquisition of a license to develop and with HARERA registration to be safe.

Restrictions under Affordable Plots Housing Policy

To make sure that the consumers are protected under this scheme, there have been strict measures taken by the Haryana Government Authorities involved in this Scheme. One such interesting measure that is noteworthy is the restrictions placed on the developer to make sure that the projects don’t get stalled midway, the Haryana Government has come up with what they call “Frozen Plots” or “Plots with Freeze”. Under this consumer protection measure, the developer is allowed only 50% of the plots to be allotted initially and the balance 50% the developer can only sell once the development works like Internal Roads, Sewage laying, Street Lighting, road connectivity etc is done and the Occupation Certificate is acquired by the developer. This step is likely to play an important role in securing the consumer interest and is a good step taken by the Haryana Government.

As a Consumer Can I buy Deen Dayal Plots?

The answer is yes, you sure can. Unlike the EWS scheme where only a specific category of low income group buyers are allowed to buy, under the Deen Dayal Plots Policy anyone can apply. Ideally you should Pre-Register to receive timely information about the new launches under the Deen Dayal Plots and take quick timely action to own a plot.